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Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing will require appropriate tow trucks for the jobs. In heavy duty towing, it involves towing vehicles such as buses, semi-trucks, motorhomes, and more. LA Towing has both the towing equipment, skill level, and expertise to perform heavy duty towing safely.

Heavy Towing not to be Treated Lightly

Heavy duty tow trucks are powered with recovery systems and pulling force for extra demanding and challenging jobs that need great power. The tow trucks have wheel lifts and under reach technology which allows them to complete strenuous tasks efficiently without any form of damage. Some heavy duty tow trucks may be equipped with booms that can hoist vehicles.

Heavy Duty Towing is not the same as normal towing service. We have all towing equipment, knowledge, and skills required to pull the task through smoothly. It is necessary to use the appropriate type of tow trucks and equipment are to ensure lower risks of damage to the vehicle.

Our towing technicians will ensure your vehicle is taken care of safely. No matter how challenging the tasks are, we will be able to manage them. With practical experience and expertise, our technicians can provide towing solutions like no other.

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Towing Services - Heavy Duty Towing

Fast Towing Professionals and Roadside Assistance Experts

We value every customer, which is why we only have the best. We have the latest equipment, tow trucks, trained technicians, and fast services so we can provide you with the best heavy duty tow truck experience without any stress.

At LA Towing, we recognize every towing job has distinguished challenges. We have standard operating procedures, as well as carefully planning in advance for tasks received. We are ready and have the resources for towing vehicles of any sizes. Also, we facilitate load-shifting cargo and tractor swaps. When customers require reliable, fast, and professional heavy duty towing service, they can count on us. We understand the importance of reducing vehicle downtime to prevent any loss or extra costs. Our team works fast to get the vehicle towed and repaired so that it can be rolling on the road again.

We also provide other towing services such as flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, car towing, as well as roadside assistance 24 hours daily. Call us when you need our assistance.


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