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Car Towing

You will never know when a breakdown will occur in your car. When your car breaks down on the road, you will want fast and prompt towing or roadside assistance to your rescue. It is what LA Towing does; we provide affordable, fast, and efficient car towing service 24-hour daily.

All Day Car Towing Service at Your Request

A car breakdown can occur anywhere, and it can happen at the most inconvenient times. When you face a car breakdown, we have the expertise to safely move our customers’ cars. Whether they are regular, custom, or exotic cars, they will be well managed. We guarantee when your vehicles are handled by us, they will reach the locations safely.

Whether it is the early hours in the morning or late night, our towing team is always standing by to move out to any location in Los Angeles to assist stranded drivers.

Car Towing by LA Towing – Tel: (424) 230-3061

Car Towing

Different Tow Trucks Available

We use up to date, and the latest towing equipment in the industry. Our fleet of tow trucks is well-maintained for rigorous tasks. We take great caution in handling the automobiles so that they can reach the destination without a scratch. Our towing options include wheel lift and flatbed towing. Wheel lift towing is ideal for towing over short distances, and towing vehicles in tight spaces. Flatbed towing, on the other hand, is excellent for towing four-wheel-drives and all-wheel-drives. The vehicles are placed on the flatbeds, which is situated on the back of the flatbed tow truck, and the towed vehicles do not have the wheels in contact with the ground. Flatbed towing also offers more security and can move cars that cannot be driven.

Car Towing and Many Other Services

When you require a car towing service, always hire a towing company that is reliable and professional. With 24-hour towing services in the Los Angeles areas, you can be assured of receiving the best assistance in the shortest time possible. We can tow a wide range of models and makes; from Ford, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and more.

Providing exceptional service at affordable prices is what makes us shine. Our rates are reasonable, and we provide accurate quotes and estimates. We also respond fast to the towing requests. Feel free to contact us for any towing services.

In addition to towing, we also provide roadside assistance. Do you have a flat tire, dead car battery, ran out of gas, or locked your cars accidentally? Our roadside services will give you the solution to your problems, and help you get back onto the roads in no time.

Call LA Towing at (424) 421-1889 for 24/7 Towing & Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles!