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Towing Mistakes to Avoid

Not everyone has sufficient experience in dealing with roadside issues. So for some people new to towing, they need to learn from mistakes that they might be fined or penalized for, and how to prevent them. Following is a list of some of the common towing mistakes that novice towers commit, and how to avoid them.


Towing and speeding is always a bad combination. While towing, the driver is actually controlling 2 vehicles at the same time. This means that there is a necessity for increased precaution. Needless to say, caution is not possible when speeding. Speed not only compromises the integrity of the operating system of the vehicle, but also endangers the driver and other drivers on the road.

Load Improperly

The most common mistake committed by beginner tow is incorrect loading. Proper loading is necessary for well-distributed balances throughout the tow truck. The goal of this is to guarantee precise control of the trailer throughout transportation. One way to ensure balance is to make sure there is a bigger percentage near the axle and the rest of the weight evenly distributed in the trailer.

Vehicle Rating

Every vehicle has a rating for the amount of load that it is permitted to carry and those that are not desirable for it to carry. However, not many people take this precautionary measure before towing the trailers. Taking Note of your vehicle rating will aid you in avoiding some vehicle damages linked with inappropriate load carriage. This may influence the tires, suspension, car brakes, and transmission. Damages caused in this portion can present a great risk for the passengers and the driver. It can also mean more uncertainty on the roads.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining tire pressure may seem like a reasonable thing to do when starting on a trip. However, people new to towing may overlook the significance of having the right tire pressures. Also, they will have the misunderstanding that the tires will turn out to be fine as they are rarely used. This is a severe error for people who are new to towing. Keeping the stability of the tires of the towing vehicle and trailer is very important. If not, tires may go flat or bust during the journey, and the consequences can lead to serious accidents.

Brakes Maintenance

Neglecting to check the brakes of a vehicle is another common mistake made by people new to towing. These drivers do not know that during towing, the brakes of the vehicles will respond slower compared to without towing a load or vehicle. Thus, it is essential for towing vehicles to have trailers with a separate braking system, so that they can reduce the stress on the braking system of the towing vehicle. In addition, one should make sure the brakes are well lubricated and in good working condition before leaving for a long journey.

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